How to maintain your chains at home

#1 Dish Soap
The good old dish soap trick. It's the easiest. Get a bowl of lukewarm water and mix it with a few drops of mild dish detergent. Let your chains soak in the mixture for a couple of minutes or longer if the dirt won't budge. In 15 minutes or so, take them out and start brushing off the filth with a toothbrush.

#2 Beer
Pour some beer onto a soft cloth and start wiping your jewelry. Or let it soak in a cup of beer for a few minutes before scrubbing down with a brush. This works best with gold.  Avoid using it with silver. 

#3 Ketchup
Beer might work best for gold but ketchup is said to work best with silver or even copper. Leave your bling to soak in some plain tomato ketchup for a few minutes. To be safe, add a bit of water to start. Once done, scrub it with a soft brush then rinse it with warm water.

#4 Toothpaste
Put a dab of toothpaste on a soft brush and start scrubbing your jewelry. Be gentle. Repeat if needed. Once finished, rinse with warm water. This is good for minor fixes or as a regular cleaning routine to maintain that shine. Dilute the toothpaste with some water first to test it out.

Hopefully, you’ll get your jewelry back to looking brand new. Don’t forget to clean them regularly as well. Good luck!